In the Times of Corona Virus

Life is An Amazing Quiz Master and more answers I have been finding,The Questions are getting Tougher with every next level. Quite early in my life ,Dad taught me that glass is always full and I still believe him and will always remember.

I have been an eternal optimist since my childhood and always believed that miracles happen…Last ball sixers,Rags to Riches, Good over evil and Fairies coming with Santa to reward for all the Good work.

Corona Virus (COVID 19) came to my notice seriously in the last week of Feb 20..Till then like few friends of mine I was also thinking that this is as normal virus and far away from Me, Family, Colleagues, State and Country. Then Suddenly,A senior colleague of mine mentioned about his Son studying in Italy and the City of Lombardy suddenly bombarded with Corona Virus patients.

That day Onwards,I was glued to various news across the globe and how rapidly it was engulfing the Globe..One by One around 3 lac people got infected,11000 have died.Stories from countries like China, Italy, Iran,Spain,US and many others made me believe that’s It’s not them but Us all humans are fighting a Mutant Virus.

This Virus C19 had a very strange characteristics that amazed me;

1.It Never Distinguished Between Caste ,Creed, Religion, Color, Country.

2.It Showed us the true meaning of “Vasudev Kutubhkam”..Within months it was all across the globe in 160 plus countries

3.It attacked the Elderlies and people with weak Immunities..Many times whom we also forget in our hectic day today lives.

4.It suddenly brought end to all the Wars, Fightings,Weapon race,Global warming,Trade wars…and mere superiority complex of humans and countries to their knees.

Seeing the Glass half full from my Father’s eyes,I would say when this pandemic ends(Miracles happen) and we have vaccine for C19,The world might become a better place for all of us and our children to live…But Humans hardly learn from their mistakes.Eventough,With my Strongest desire for this pandemic to end,World must see the these Wonderful Changes with learnings;

1) We are fortunate to get birth as Humans and we should all work together for better future again without caste,Creed , Religion and countries.

2)Our Families , Elderlies and people’ with weak Immunities need special care and time..Give them Before it’s too late

3)Fight our shortcomings, Jealousies,failures,diseases, illiteracy, poverty not each other..Life is short and too fragile to waste.

4)We should and must respect mother nature and not play with it..She knows to get back to us with her Tsunamis, earthquakes, Viruses..Let’s live in lap of mother nature with scientific approach.

Last but not the least,Let’s obey the guildlines to win against the C19 who will not come to your home if you don’t go out to meet him..Has Stupid Human Ego ,You knowπŸ˜‰!

One thought on “In the Times of Corona Virus

  1. It’s shows how strongly you grew up …..the parents behind that….n you …. yourself a self motivated person who always ready to go πŸ’ͺ for The challenges….. people respect Adore you n love for such a gesture keep rocking πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ™


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