A Winner in Lock down !!!

I reached home early as The PM was going to address the Nation on his favorite slot,8 pm, The Slot made famous by his Demonetization Speech few years back. Being An Orator of Extraordinary abilities, he had made everyone glued to the television sets before the scheduled time.

Entire world was engulfed in an unprecedented situation arising Out of the pandemic caused by the Dreaded Corona Virus “COVID 19” and India was looking on face to the dreaded monster. PM started with his usual charisma and then used the dreaded word “LOCKDOWN”. By saying “The entire Country has to Lockdown for next 21 days to avoid the community transmission”…and Then Extended it by few more weeks.

All Across the Globe,There were Two sets of News going around .In one Set of News,We heard Many People Going Into depression,Domestic Violence cases getting Increased,People Committing Suicide for silliest of the reasons like unavailability of Alcohol…and Off course , Home ladies without shopping and servants getting paranoid with Lockdown.

In the Other Set of News,People are completely transforming their lives,Someone running a marathon in his balcony in Italy,Lady Driving 1400 Kms to Bring her Son back, 103 year old lady surviving COVID 19,Mother Nature Healing herself,Wild Animals and Birds in human domain,Pollution level to the lowest and The Most Important Thing….. The Value of Life and Freedom!

The meaning of Success…Doesn’t lie in Big Homes with Swimming Pools,Exorbitant Cars,Fatty Bank Balance and Many More MATERIALISTIC pleasures but Seeing Our Family Hale and Heart and Enjoying lives with us…That is the real Success we have in the Lock down.

This Lock down Gives us Ample Opportunity to Utilize the ME Time which we Bragged about but couldn’t find in the Dog Eat dog,Busy Being Busy world.It is one of the most Unique and Rare Opportunity in disguise that we are going to talk about till we survive.

Here are Few of My Thoughts and Take Aways to Come Out this Lock down as A winner and a Gainer;

  1. This Time gives Us Opportunity to Spend the Most precious Time of Our lives with Our Most loved ones…Unfortunately ,Not all have their families around and Spending Time Either Without their Kids,Parents Or Spouses.
  2. Realizing The Thankless Job Our Mothers,Sister and Wives Have been Doing for Years in Keeping the family Together and Doing all the Household Jobs…Their is Pure Respect and Standing Salute to them.
  3. Working on Health with Right Food and Exercises …. Becoming Healthier without excuse of No Time.
  4. Growing Professional Skillets by Enrolling on Online Courses and Reading…which will pay Rich dividends once lock down open.
  5. Pursuing Our Passions…Which we couldn’t do due to Traffic jams and endless time on road.
  6. Stress being the Biggest Villain Nowadays is Somewhat Put to Rest but Genuine Concern and Solution Approach Is the key.

Life is Precious but Life with Freedom and Health is the Most Valuable Treasure God has given us.Humans Will value Nature more and Appreciate the Freedom of each Individual.

The Biggest Loss in the End is IF we come out on the Other side of this Unchanged and Not Filled with Gratitude.

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