The Strongest Shield-Mother !

With Bone Chilling Unknown Invisible Enemy at Doorstep,

Paranoid, Hysterical Humans Caged to Uncertain Future;

 Hopelessly Hopeful for the Treasured Elixir of Saving lives ,

Chasing the freedom of Blue Skies in the open arms of Nature.

Life had come full circle in the lap of My Mother, My creator,

Her Selfless, Endless love Always felt in her Warm tight Hug ;

Creating the best Immunity Shield with her soft weak arms,

Mother’s Love can defeat the Mightiest of the Eerie Enemies.

Gloomy Unknown fears vaporised into the thick Optimist Air

Life rejuvenated with Vaccinated Elixir of Mother‘s Tight Hug;

With the spirit of A Trojan Warrior, I was ready to Conquer All,

No enemy seemed Mightier, I was no longer Vulnerable

She is My Shadow, She is My Creator, She is My Mother…………………………………And I am her whole Universe!!!

Photo by Josh Willink on

One thought on “The Strongest Shield-Mother !

  1. Thanks you for believing in us more than we believe in ourselves, for always keeping us in ur prayers & for valuing us the most in this world. The sacrifices that you all make can never be repaid in any manner. For all endless love ❤️ for always taking our worries away – we can just be thankful to you. It’s truly said – There’s no love like a mother’s!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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