Corona Warriors !

LOCKDOWN…The word created a sence of fear and anxiety among most of us. Everything had come to standstill …Life seemed to be a cage in a circus while surfing the News channels.

One of these Channels was showing how most of the people involved in helping Carona patients were getting ostracized by many in our societies. Doctors,Nurses, Airhostess were either asked to vacate their rented accommodation or some sort of social boycott was taking place. This News brought all my anxieties and Fear to rest while making me realise that these Carona Warriors are putting their lives at risk to make one of us stay alive.All across the globe these Warriors are involved in round the clock shifts like soldiers involved in a combat operations on the border for Us..Yes !Many of them have contacted the disease and more worse have laid down their lives fighting for the cause “US”.

They are Not Only Our Superheroes but will regard to give them status of Living Gods .. Sharing my Thoughts on them in my latest poem in hindi for them called “Ye Mere Khuda”;

Laash Ke upar Laashein,Har pal chut ti saasein,Tham Gai hai Zindagi…Kahan hai Ye Khuda,kab tak karu Bandagi;

Har band hoti hui saans aur maa ki roti hui aankh ne ye badnaseeb lamha banaya;
Mandir Band,Masjid Band..Aaj pehli baar khud ko Akela aur bahut tanha paya.

Najrein Saaf ki toh tej Roshni mein, safed libaas mein ek messiah chala aya;
Tyag, Tapasya aur balidaan dekar Mandir aur Masjid se nikal aya.
Jo na milein Ibaadat gahon mein,Aaj jung lad rahein hai desh ke har haspatalon mein.

Hum Inka aabhaar kaise chukayenge ,Sochne mein majboor hoon;
Shat Shat Naman karta hun kyunki apne ghar mein baitha,Aap sab se bahut dur hoon!

Thats my small tribute to the Unsung Corona warriors!

4 thoughts on “Corona Warriors !

  1. Thats what gives us insiparation…we cant write what u write..we cant think what u can cant think…this is just amazing..what lines..amazing


  2. Amazing Abhijit…the lines are just superb to show our respect to the living Gods, the doctors in fact the whole medical fraternity. I am also hurt and shaken about what has happened in our country two days back by some selfish people…this is just unacceptable. This insensitive people not only behaved irresponsibly and ungenerously but they have shamed India in front of the whole world…


  3. You have pend down beautifully God bless you God bless the whole world 🌍 aaj poochti hoon mein Malik se Kya Kasoor hain unka jo bemaut maare ja rahe hain


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